Lotus Yoga Studio, Porto


I was at this amazing school, I was at the Lotus yoga Studio where they gave me one of the loveliest experiences  I have had in a while. The owner is a beautiful Brazilian woman named Letitia Ziebell, 40 years old and she has an unbelievable  passion for yoga. She started yoga in Brazil when she was 15 years old. You could say yoga is her life. When she came to porto she decided to start her  own yoga school. Today her yoga school is a succes with daily classes. If you love yoga and you find yourself in Porto you should come and check it out for sure. It is is a really nice, lovely and cosy place. The teachers are wonderful and have lots of knowledge and passion for yoga. To top it all off there is a zen cat named Nino who is a good and funny addition to the studio.


Rua do Carvalho 102U

Foz do Douro 4150-192
Porto, Portugal

When you are finished with your session and you feel like a relaxing drink and a place to sit with your friends, or just for fun.There is a really cool and nice place next door. Bolacheira cookies & coffee. It is most certainly a nice way to start the morning alone, with friends or maybe some quality time with your mom or other relatives.



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