Yoga Sobre O Porto

When yoYoga Sobreu want to go to a yoga studio in porto, this place in down town of porto is a nice place to try out. It feels really special because of the wonderful vibe the old building gives you. The view is wonderful, because you can see the sunset though the old and big windows. Because of these big windows there is lots of natural lighting in the studio, which gives you a relaxed vibe and makes it a comfortable place to practice yoga. This was my first time at yoga sobre and it was a very good experience for me. One of the teachers ( Cassia Rodrigues )is in my opinion a really great teacher there. When you perform your yoga movements she corrects you in a subtle way, with a lovely warm touch of the hand. Lessons given by Louis where also very nice, he is the owner of the yoga studio. When he teaches you yoga, you can feel the passion he has for yoga. This is a class I took together with my mom. Yoga is a very nice and relaxing activity for mother’s and daughters to do together. There are many more reasons to go to this place and honestly it has a special place in my heart. All I want to say is, try it. Everyone deserves this wonderful experience when practicing yoga.

Even more so if you are staying at the passenger hostel. It is only a 7 min walk from the hostel. Address: Rua das Carmelitas, 100 3e.

When you decide to go, I wish you a wonderful experience in this old building with amazing lighting and lovely and warm people.

Lovely and sunny greets,

Kyra Buil

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