The Passenger Hostel, Porto

The Passenger Hostel, the Magic of History in Porto


When you enter the building, you can feel the magic of the history within it. The high ceilings, the beautiful tall wooden doors and the never ending hallways. But there is more, when you walk in, there is a girl behind reception with a beautiful and sweet smile, she’s glowing. Long and gorgeous brown hair, and a real smile. She looks at you with her brown eyes and, with obvious love for her work, explains everything you need to know. You also get a white bracelet around your wrist. I ask her what her name is and with a heart-warming voice and equally sweet smile, she tells me it is Inech. To get back to the white bracelet that I got around my wrist, it is the key to the door of the hallway, your room and your locker. How nifty is this!? Never lose your key again! Or is that just my problem? Anyway, this amazing system surprised me. After this I was shown upstairs by a man with an equally sweet appearance. To give you an impression of you’ll feel when this man brings you upstairs; full of enthusiasm, stylist and a long beard. Some would call him a hipster, but above all you’ll get a sense of happiness because you can feel that this guy loves his job. He looks at you with his beautiful green eyes and a calming expression. He explains to open your locker and, with a smile from ear to ear, wished you a pleasant stay. This makes you feel at home from the get go.


When I walk downstairs and ask if Inech can suggest a nice place to have dinner, she has plenty of ideas. I ask her for her favourite and end up in a vegan restaurant. Daterra Restaurante Vegatariano ( YUM!

In short, this was great. For just 10 Euros you’ll be presented with a buffet and everything is tasty and very healthy. You can eat as much as you what and they keep adding new dishes. A tasty soup to start with and deliciously prepared vegetables. It is also great if you are lactose intolerant, for me, the first time I leave dinner out without pain in my stomach.


When I ended up in this hostel I was only meant to stay for 1 night. But as I was lying in bed I was thinking about surfing and how I felt so at home in the beautiful station’s building. I could see myself in the water, one with nature. So I decided that I wouldn’t be leaving yet and would go surfing for the day. What an experience it was, as if the world hadn’t been smiling at me yet from the first day in Porto, I received a private surfing lesson. You can even be picked up by from your hostel, where you can book the surfing lesson, in the morning.


I fell in love with the water and felt like a fish, one with nature, at Ondo Pura surf school. Here too, I had a unique experience. If you’d like to read more about it click here.


After a day of surfing I was welcomed in the hostel by another sweet employee who again was so sweet as well. This time it was Tomas, Tomas with a dimple on the right side of his check. When he finds something funny, he pulls his nose up a bit. Short brown hair and deep brown eyes. Full of interest he asked how my day was, and this question was answered with conviction. What a great atmosphere. In addition to this hostel being a melting pot of cultures and people, small, large, young, old, students, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, you meet them in a beautiful historical building in the middle of the Porto station. So when you are in transit again, it is also perfect. However, it is also wonderful to stay for a longer period of time because they clearly thought about creating cosiness and a homely atmosphere.


Consideration has also been given to the interior. Everything is designed and made so that you feel at home. Everyone leaving, doesn’t really want to go. That says enough right?! Now that I’m writing this I have been here for almost 2 weeks so I can know. As I write this, I have a smile on my face from ear to ear because I’m experiencing an unforgettable time here. I wish that feeling for everyone.


You can stay in mixed or female/male only rooms in this hostel. You pay 23 Euros during the week and 25 euros during the weekend, including breakfast. The kind breakfast lady can’t be ignored. often Diane knows everyone who comes here regularly by name and says good morning with a radiant smile! Delicious bruschetta, orange juice, coffee, tea and a delicious sandwich, jam, cheese or ham are all available.


You have the option to rent a towel for 3 euros. They’ve really thought about everything. When you get into your clean, freshly laid-out, clean bunkbed. You’ll notice a nice red checkered curtain, which you can close. So if you sleep with many in a room, you will still have your own privacy. Next to your bed, every bed has a socket, light and a fan for when it’s hot. If you like to cook or relax, they’ve also thought about that. What is a home feeling without a living room / kitchen? WOWWW …. There was a moment for me when a light went on for me. I’ll try to explain as follows. There is so much space in this kitchen, it has such a cosy atmosphere that you’ll feel like setting the table. They even have fun placements for on the table. Water glasses, wine glasses, with that the table looks complete. But hey, how nice is cooking in this beautifully designed kitchen. So this is my lightbulb moment. Cooking can be fun! This kitchen isn’t missing anything, atmosphere and materials galore to make the meal that you are preparing with love successful. Knives, dishwasher, 2 cooking plates, cooking island, bottle opener, oven dishes, blender, there’s even a large flat screen TV and couches to relax on and beautiful long tables.


Doing a laundry because your clothes are dirty is not a problem. Put a coin in the machine and you can wash and dry your clothes.


In short, like a visitor, you make a journey through an old station building where you get value for money. If you ask me, this Hostel gets 10 from me. I have heard many say the nicest hostel they have ever seen.


The story of the beautiful entrepreneur behind this wonderful idea. Click here.







When I walk into a hotel or hostel, I am always curious and I ask how they started. Every path to what is beautiful is not always as simple as it seems. That is why I decided when I blog I write about the company but also about the person that started it. I do this to give the reader a look into the life of the entrepreneur. Give a piece of inspiration,

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